oliverdamian: anti-fragile design

Design Thinking Journal

Design Thinking | Winter Semester 2015 | University of Technology, Sydney

Tim Brown (2009) provided a few more cognitive frameworks for my tool belt:

Divergent thinking
generate lots of possibilities;
Convergent thinking
make decisions to choose from possibilities generated.

To create design products of value, they should be:

  1. feasible;
  2. desirable; and
  3. viable.

And the best way to test if a product would work is to build prototypes.

The three attributes above can have competing demands on a design. As a designer, I must learn to hold contradictions in my mind. For example two competing ideas that could give birth to a third way that solves a paradox.

As Chris Bowman said I should learn the language of polarities because design involves organic, non-linear, and complex processes. As an interdisciplinary practice, design asks me to collaborate with other people. Not only with designers but also practitioners from other disciplines.

hand-written notes, water color drawings, and photo collage
Figure 6: hand-drawn page 6 of journal