oliverdamian: anti-fragile design

Design Thinking Journal

Design Thinking | Winter Semester 2015 | University of Technology, Sydney

It is perhaps a statement of the obvious, but worth emphasizing, that the forms or structures of the immediate world we inhabit are overwhelmingly the outcome of human design. They are not inevitable or immutable and are open to examination and discussion

Context + Memory

Chris Bowman's dialogue with Paul Sutton and James Hancock showed me how I could build up my memory through visual research and use that memory for making. I can do this by always be drawing and always be taking photos. It is a practice. I should make it a habit. I should take chances without too much regard for the outcome. I should build up embrace mistakes to build up a library of accidents. I'll never know what I can use the entries in my visual archive for. If creativity is about connecting the dots then the more dots I have available to connect, the better.

Topology of memory

Drawing will help me pay attention and focus on things. Time spent drawing makes the moment richer. Drawing will help make memories my own. To find my design voice, I need to develop my own visual language and practice.

hand-written notes, water color drawings, and photo collage
Figure 4: hand-drawn page 4 of journal