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Design Thinking Journal

Design Thinking | Winter Semester 2015 | University of Technology, Sydney

So one of the defining characteristic of our time as pointed out by Debord is that we create all this stuff that alienates us from ourselves and from the time & place we live in. The Situationists' antidote to this include:

the derivé
which involves a meander through urban landscapes without a specific destination just as a flanêur walks for pleasure; and
the détournement
which involves a rerouting or hijacking of cultural artifacts and affordances in the built-up environment that most people take as a given.

Bert Bongers helped me better understand dérive and détournement with his lecture about his projects and activities in Cockatoo Island over the years. He showed me how to find traces that people leave in places. He showed how important it is for a designer to be able to read reality, read objects & traces of history, and affordances around us.

Affordances talk to our implicit mind. More importantly, Bert showed how people have always practiced détournement. Bert quoted Jan Gehl as saying that people vote with their feet to alter their environment. He also showed his own détournement projects like projecting back art and grafitti erased by the authorities. Bert also exemplified the intersect between context and the personal by projecting to his son past videos of his son's self; and projecting videos of fire onto buildings in Cockatoo Island and surrounding areas including his own house.

I need to open my eyes to the tacit, implicit knowledge I do have instead of being blinded by the spectacle

(Oliver Damian 2015).
hand-written notes, water color drawings, and photo collage
Figure 3: hand-drawn page 3 of journal