oliverdamian: anti-fragile design

Design Thinking Journal

Design Thinking | Winter Semester 2015 | University of Technology, Sydney

I need to ask myself the 3 big questions:

  1. what am I doing?;
  2. why am I doing it?;
  3. how am I going to do it?;

I need to have reasons why I'm doing what I'm doing as a designer. These would come from who I am. But I could collect mentors (musicians, artists, writers) along the way. I can look at nature as a library of forms which can inspire concepts for my art and design work.

To understand what happens in designing, it remains important to explore how socio-cultural, and economic developments have shaped design practice over time

hand-written notes, water color drawings, and photo collage
Figure 2: hand-drawn page 2 of journal

Workers do not produce themselves, they produce a power independent of themselves. The sucess of this production, the abundance it generates, is experienced by the producers as an abundance of dispossession. As their alienated products accumulate, all time and space become foreign to them. The spectacle is the map of this new world, a map that is identical to the territory it represents. These forces that have escaped us display themselves to us in all their power