Stroking the fire

Icy all around me.
Arms frozen; stomach grumbling;
soot; stench.
Behind the heavy wooden door:
warmth; laughter; food; and love.
Yet I remain outside.
So cold.
Eyes all around me.
Thumbing noses of disgust.
'Please hold me Mummy, where are you?'
White hot knife plunges into my butter melting heart.
Down I sink into a quicksand of filth.
Voices cry out for help. They are dying. They are rotting.
Vise grip darkness clamp me in.
I keep on walking.
Then I found you.
Darkness eternal. Eyes of fire.
Pinnacle of filth. I am frozen with fear.
I follow the voice. I stand firm.
I look at your eyes. Hold your gaze.
A flash of lighthing came from nowhere.
I start to feel fire in my belly.
Buzzing in my body: 'I'm a giant!'
Thunder of laughter; raging seas; malevolent magma.
'I can kill!'
I follow the voice and hold on.
I feel mists lifting; tummy tickling;
pleasure of fire gushing from below;
a million hands running through my body;
golden serpent; symphony of tiny bells stir my groins:
'I am alive!'