Sinéad's first taste of surrender

Zaldy, the dark-skinned man she met a few days ago gave her a warm hug. With his dark eyes locked into the blue-ness of hers, he gave her a brief, terse smile. As her very first stroker, that face is something she is not likely to forget.

He got his large bag, opened it up to fish the contents out. He put the yoga mat down on the floor at the corner of the room near the lion statue. Ah what a lovely spot to have her nest Sinéad told herself. On top of the mat Zaldy laid down the dark gray woolen blanket that was folded in half. He put a head pillow up the top of the blanket facing towards the wall and two plump square cushions down the bottom of the blanket facing the middle of the room. He placed a small white cotton square face towel in between the cushions. He plopped a black zafu on the right side of the yoga mat. Near this, he put down a small glass jar of lube and a pair of medium vinyl gloves.

Jack the practice holder said “Two minutes to the first OM, get into your nests and start grounding”.

Sinéad promptly pulled down her blue skinny jeans, folded it neatly and placed them beside the head pillow. She removed her black lace panties and put them on top of her jeans.

She sat her bum on the white face towel and laid down. Sinéad rested the strawberry blonde curly locks of her head on the pillow. She butterflied opened her legs, and rested each of her knees on the cushions. She felt the cold draft wafting through the room dab the already moist lips of her pussy.

“What the fuck are you doing?” whispered one of the voices inside Sinéad's head.

Zaldy moved the black zafu snuggly close to her right hip bone.

He stepped his left leg over Sinéad and planted his left foot beside her left hip. He sat himself on the zafu, placed his right leg under her right leg. He adjusted his right leg until the sole of his right foot is touching the sole of her left foot— those legs formed a diamond shape. He began to say “I'm gonna touch your thighs now”.

Zaldy's words started to bring Sinéad back into the room. She was starting to get lost inside the cacophony of voices in her head.

“Does he find my smell repulsive?”

“I haven't really examined what's down there since puberty, is he liking what he sees?, is he horrified?, is he getting a hard on by just looking?”

“Will he ask me out after?”

“Are we gonna fuck? get married? what will be the skin color of our children? will they have curly hair?”

In a deliberate manner, Zaldy lowered both of his hands at the same time until his left palm rested on her inner left thigh and his right palm rested on her inner right thigh.

He applied light, steady pressure and said “I notice that at the point where the left inner lip of your pussy tucks upwards into your clitoral hood there is a deep crease that is dark rosy pink in color”.

With a quiver in her voice, Sinéad replied “thank you” as prescribed by the container of the practice.

Sinéad's brain was lost in what was happening to her body. Her eyes were getting watery. She felt fluttering in her chest. A couple of times the muscle in her inner thigh tensed then abruptly relaxed without her wanting it to happen. Her brain was flooded with all these sensations just because Zaldy was describing to her, her own pussy.

While resting his right forearm on her right thigh, Zaldy used his left hand to pick up the lube jar and his right hand to unscrew the lid. He put down the jar. He used his left hand to pick up a glove and put it on to cover his right hand. His left hand pulled the glove taut on his right hand. He used the little pinkie of his gloved right hand to take a small amount of lube from the jar and smeared it into his left index finger.

He put on the remaining glove on his left hand. He used his right hand to smooth out the glove over his left index finger. The lube he smeared earlier made the glove stick snugly to his left index finger. With his gloved left index finger he scooped out a dime sized amount of lube. He scooped out the same amount of lube with his right thumb.

Zaldy and Sinéad were doing all these in sync with the six other pairs of strokers and strokees in the room. Jack said “ Safeport your partners, and you may begin”.

“I'm gonna touch your pussy now” Zaldy said. “Thank you” Sinéad replied.

Zaldy gently pulled her outer labia outward with the middle finger, ring finger and pinkie of each hand on each side of Sinéad's pussy. This movement delicately parted her inner labia exposing her introitus and parts of her clitoris. He curved his left index finger and starting from the base of her introitus slowly stroked upward her inner left labia until his left finger touched that part of her clitoris just underneath the hood. He paused. He slowly stroked downwards, about two to three strokes. Slowly, he rested his right thumb on the base of the entrance of her introitus. Zaldy continued with down strokes for a minute. He then switched to lighter and faster up strokes.

Having felt all these intense sensations so far, Sinéad was expecting fireworks from the get go when Zaldy started to stroke her pussy. The strangest thing happened. She couldn't feel a thing. Her brain sort of knew that Zaldy's left index finger was making precise up and down movements on the upper lefthand quadrant of her clitoris. But for the life of her, her body wasn't responding. She couldn't feel a thing.

The chorus of voices started once more.

“What's wrong with me?”

“Should I fake it so not to embarrass him, like I always do with my sex partners in the past?”

“Is he doing it right? He said he's been practising for six years, so it must be me”…

“Why am I such a loser when it comes to sex?”

For what seemed like an eternity to her, Sinéad was stuck in this limbo of not feeling. Then she remembered her training. She could make adjustments. With all the courage she could muster, she said “can you stroke a little bit more to the left”. Zaldy replied “yes, thank you” and promptly stroked more towards the left of her clitoris.

Sinéad could sense she was starting to feel something after making that adjustment. Emboldened she asked “can you stroke higher ”. “yes, thank you” replied Zaldy. He adjusted his stroke a hair's length higher than where he was stroking. Sinéad felt a spark of electricity down there. At the same time she felt a layer of intense heat on her left cheek. She made a few more adjustments. The sensations in her body ebbed and peaked, went into directions she didn't, couldn't have anticipated.

At some point Sinéad crossed a threshold deep inside her and opened. She was taken over by something she had no control over. The voices became whispers. She felt moments of intense silence. Her noisy self forgotten, drowned by the symphony of feelings that flooded her body.

Zaldy asked “would you like me to stroke faster?”. Sinéad said “yes, thank you”. Zaldy stroked faster and lighter. His left index finger felt to her like the fluttering of a butterfly's wings. Her breath quickened. She felt an expansion on her chest. She felt like she was on the precipice, on the edge of something. Zaldy stopped stroking and just held his finger there. Dead calm of stillness. The world seemed to have stood still. She felt like she was inside a sensory deprivation chamber.

Jack broke the silence with “two minutes, find a natural peak and start coming down”.

Slowly Zaldy started to stroke down, slow and heavy. She felt abrupt contractions in her introitus, a melting feeling in her abdomen, tension on her shoulders, and a host of sensations she found hard to disentangle from one another. She felt his finger sink deep into the meaty part of her clitoris. More than his physical finger, Sinéad felt a downward non-physical force landing her body more into the mat. She could feel Zaldy's bum sink more into the zafu. She felt a definite sense of coming down. She could feel the ground more than before.

“And that's time” said Jack. Zaldy stopped stroking, lifted his left index finger and with fingers facing down used his left hand to cup Sinéad's pussy. He lifted his right thumb from the base of her introitus and with fingers facing up, placed his right hand over his left hand. He breathed in to fill his lungs and pushing the air out exhaled with a sound. At the same time, with his left elbow resting on the area of his right thigh close to his right knee, Zaldy pushed up to apply heavy pressure on Sinéad's pussy—using the muscles of his left arm, right arm, right thigh and abdomen. After a few seconds he released the pressure. He slightly adjusted his hands to push down on her pussy.

After a few seconds, he released the pressure. He lifted his hands off her pussy. Using his right hand, he removed the glove off his left hand and crumpled that glove into a ball inside his right hand. He then removed the glove from his right hand so that the balled up left glove remained inside the right glove and flicked it to the side, off the mat.

Zaldy said “lift up”. Sinéad lifted slightly so he could take the white face towel from under her butt. He folded it in half right at the middle, longwise. Holding the top edge with the finger tips of his left hand, he positioned the top of the towel just below her clitoral hood. With the fingers of his right hand close together and his right palm facing him, he placed the tips of his right hand near the top of the towel to wedge it in between her labia. With his left hand, he pulled the towel in a dragging motion slanted away from her clitoris, keeping the wedged fingers of his right hand steady. This towel drag picked up excess lube from her pussy.

Zaldy then re-folded the towel so that the side dabbed with excess lube is on the inside. He then placed the cleanside of the towel back on Sinéad's pussy. He cupped her pussy over the towel one last time with his right hand to apply a bit of pressure briefly. He put out his right hand. She took it. He helped her sit up.

Facing each other, Sinéad said “there was a moment in the practice when I felt a layer on intense heat on my left cheek”. “Thank you” replied Zaldy. He then said “there was a moment in the practice when I felt electricity at the tip of my left index finger that went up thru my arms into my chest”. Sinéad said “thank you”. This was followed by a moment of palpable silence as they looked at each other.

Jack's voice cut through the silence with “finish up your frames and move on into your second OM”.