Makita Drop Saw | Drawing industrial machines

Week 3 | Informing Integrated Product Design | Spring Semester 2015 | UTS

For week 3, we sketched the Makita drop saw. Again, I haven't used this particular machine. But it sure looks lean and mean. Actually, it has an animal look. It reminds me of some form of dinosaur.

blue pencil sketch of machine
Figure 1: Rough sketch in tutorial

This time I rendered using Copic markers, apparently the ‘de rigeur’ rendering instrument for product designers. I'm still struggling to use these Copic markers to have the look of how the pros do it. May be one day.

drawing of machine with Copic marker rendering
Figure 2: Rendered sketch

Here is a photograph of this mean looking beautiful machine.

cream coloured industrial machine
Figure 3: photograph of Makita drop saw