Lava lamp me

Wheezing; Woooozzzing; Woobbling; Winging.
Lava lamp liquid I am.
Blobbing: up; down; left; right; all around
in this milky moon fullness of ecstacy.
Zipping; Zwooshing; Zwonking; Zapping.
Time bends.
Backwards; fowards; sideways.
Here: today; yesterday; tomorrow; never; before; always.
Verticality vexed.
Part of me remembers.
I feel you in me; I feel me in you.
We feel: you; I; him; her; us; them.
No —
Not me; not you; not we.
Not them; not us; only be.
Am not here.
Only this buzzing symphony of light.
Spreading; space-linking.
Feeling the vastness that: was; is; will be me.
Liquid laughter; gelatinous joy; soaking the carpet of remembrance.
I can't help but burst,
when singing the sweet serenity of spreading.