It hisses, slithers and smothers.
Down south of major erections,
It tickles with caresses, enraptures with contractions.
Behind the fridge door are
cherries in waiting dipped in luscious Belgian chocolate.
Pop the magic dragon who lives by the sea of lust.
pristine as the first fall of snow,
drenched with the red of the first jab
that paints your face and coat your lips.
Milk from from the horny cactus, long in the desert
and screams its heart out while bathing in the river of Lethe.
Drum beats of restless breaths follow a stampede
of a squillion bisons chased by Ares' arrows.
Roaring lion, tempting tigress,
strawberry nipples, attraente fica mi bella immaginaria.
Bound and gagged by this reptilian maniac
golden shower of love, scatological putrid alchemy
Whipped with lashes of wonder, Master I obey
bite-scratch-suck-lick-thrust-grab-smack, I dive head on.