desire 2

Delft, Netherlands

I have a desire to create a system Courtney and Donya can use to manage the coordination of back of house activities, people and information. For example the system can keep track of items in the bins and whether they are in storage or in the site. It could also have a module to manage the rostering of back of house staff and volunteers. A module to manage receipts and expenses. A module for menu planning linked to food shopping. Other modules that may come out from interviewing and protyping the system with the users.

I have a desire to buy warehouse conversation space in Sydney. The space will be a place where I can get like minded people to live together and practice. Practice can include third eye meditation, OM, Tai Chi, and yoga. It will also be a co-working space and maker space where I can work with co-founders to create design and tech ventures. I also want it to have a Fab Lab available for use by the public on a membership basis.

I have a desire to work with models and fashion designers, to travel the world and create interesting things with creative people.